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Compatible connected objects

If the automation system is very useful, its effectiveness may be reduced for cost or functionality reasons. One can thus be limited in the design of one’s ideal home. It is for this reason that MyOmBox has integrated into its system a notion of « connected objects ». This relatively recent term identifies the new products, which can recover all types of data and use it with our home automation applications.


List of compatible connected objects :

Netatmo the weather station is compatible with the automation system of Legrand MyHome & Bticino through MyOmBox
Weather station Netatmo: Thanks to the Netatmo station you will be able to view the information of your environment on your MyOmBox interface (air quality, temperature, noise ...).

But it also enables you to interact with your MyHome home automation system (managements of the opening of the VMC, heating*, etc.).
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Heden IP video camera compatible with automation objects connected on MyOmBox
IP camera from Heden : With IP video cameras by Heden you can easily monitor the inside and outside of your house.

MyOmBox is compatible with most cameras of this manufacturer and enables you to view the video stream on your interface, to save photos taken with the camera, to make enlargements and to move the camera.
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Generic IP camera with remote access
Generic IP video cameras: With MyOmBox you can display generic IP video cameras. Your video cameras must have a http URL allowing you to take a picture from the video camera.

So you can display them in real time on your MyOmBox user interface.